LIRR's DE30 and DM30 Locomotives

Article and photos by Robert A. LaMay
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On May 9, 1998, I was given a tour of the Super Steel locomotive building facility in the Scotia section of Schenectady, New York. When I left my home in Connecticut some two and a half hours earlier, it was raining at a pretty good pace. Arriving at Super Steel, it was much brighter but still overcast. The facility site along the wetsern side of the US Navy Depot. The building is fairly large with very high roofs that cover the assembly area. Alongside the building, one of the LIRR's new DE30AC locomotives, number 414, was connected to Super Steel's Trackmobile. The locomotive was sitting under a wash rack, from which a regular garden hose was connected. The other end of the hose was connected to a nearby fire hydrant. The purpose. I was told, was to test for leaks in the body, windows and doors.

Super Steel is currently assembling the Long Island Rail Road's DE30AC (Diesel-Electric, 3000hp class, AC traction), and DM30AC (Dual-Mode) locomotives. Amtrak's California and North Carolina DOT's F59PH's are also being assembled here. Super Steel's other major project is the rebuilding of up to seven RTL trainsets into high-speed trains for service on the Empire Corridor.

Behind Super Steel a spur led from the facility to Guilford Rail System's branch that comes out of Rotterdam Junction, NY (approximately six miles away). A Guilford Rail System (GRS) locomotive had just arrived and coupled up to a string of four locomotives. The first two were LIRR DE30's numbers 403 and 405, followed by the DM30AC prototype number 500, and trailing was Amtrak California F59PH number 454 in primer paint. The DE30's were being delivered to the LIRR, the DM30 was going to Pueblo, CO for testing, and the F59 was going to Hornell, NY for painting and then to LaGrange, IL for finishing work.

In the back corner of the 26-acre facility is a small two-track yard that sits alongside GRS' spur to Rotterdam Junction. On this particular day, seven completed DE30's were awaiting delivery to the LIRR. An unnumbered F59PH was awaiting delivery for paint and finish work.

The following is a series of photos that give a better look at the "next generation" commuter locomotive:

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